My Favourite Projects

All photographers have their pet projects where they like to photograph a subject or a style. I too have such projects which are based around my former life, sports and hobbies.

  • My World

    Throughout my life I have been fortunate enough to have travelled extensively, initially with the RAF then in connection with my companies and finally for personal reason to take my wife around the world and visit my daughter in Australia and siblings in New Zealand.

  • Through a Window

    I started this while travelling around the world looking out of aircraft windows at the earth moving under my feet. The images are predominantly through aircraft windwows but there are others.

  • Aviation

    My life in the Air Force had me very close and personal with military aviation and I have continued to keep my links active. I have provided may images for a variety of aviation books.

  • Sailing

    In my younger days I used to offshore race but now it is restricted to warm water cruising an altogether more relaxing form of sailing

  • Shorelines

    These images are aout of a combination of my sailing and my love for the water. Shorelines across the planet have always had a distinct pull for me.

  • Lighthouses

    Still with the sailing/water connection I have used Lighthouses throughout my life to safely navigate waters and the myriad of different designs across the planet has a distinct appeal for me.

Near Guilin, China. Viewed from B-KQU, a Cathay Pacific B777 300ER on Flight CX254