Les Hendry Photography

I can meet your photographic and videographic needs for personal use, social media, websites, company brochures, and much more.


My clients include businesses, clubs, teams, families, and individuals.

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Do you need quality imagery for business or pleasure?​

How can I help you?

I know how tricky it is to find imagery for all your promotional needs. Stock imagery has its place but having bespoke imagery of your own company provides far more direct and personal communication of your brand. Having to allocate time to search for appropriate imagery sucks up hours that could be better employed with your primary challenge of running your business.


I understand the need for more unique portraits that encapsulate your personality and celebrate the real you. Instead of pressured studio shots, I’d rather spend time in your company to understand it better, and capture the most powerful images.


I work closely with my clients to understand who you are, what your needs are, and what kind of setting will best suit your requirements, producing a portfolio of images for websites and brochures, or editorial-style images of products and facilities.

My Services

Business Support

I provide a bespoke service for small business looking to find a cost effective way of obtaining imagery to promote your brand and services across all your PR, marketing and social media needs. Many images are captured in a time pressured studio shoot that offers little in the way of originality, and does nothing to convey your brand message.

Portraits and Headshots

Today’s social media requires profile pictures for a variety of scenarios whether it is LinkedIn, company brochure or pitch for a contract. I can take portraits or headshots in a studio, at your work or home in a relaxed and informal manner to capture the real you. You can always notice a professional shot compared to an iPhone happy snap. 


Aerial Photography

In 2019 I obtained a CAA permit to work for drones which allowed me to carry out commercial aerial work. This is no longer required due to a change in regulations but the training and examination I undertook leave me in a good position to provide an excellent service. Estate Agents benefit from external 4k aerial video. Structural engineers are able to view inaccessible areas without hiring costly access equipment.

On an Australian Beach

this is me

I’ve been taking Photographs for 50 odd years and have  significant experience of a plethora of subjects including landscapes, products, fighter jets and portraits. Have a look at my projects to get a feel for my style.

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