[tatsu_section bg_color= “” bg_repeat= “repeat” bg_attachment= “scroll” bg_position= “top left” bg_animation= “none” border_color= “” bg_video_mp4_src= “” bg_video_ogg_src= “” bg_video_webm_src= “” overlay_color= “” section_id= “” section_class= “” section_title= “” full_screen_header_scheme= “background–light” padding= “0px 0% 0px 0%” border= “0px 0px px 0px”][tatsu_row layout= “1/1”][tatsu_column layout= “1/1”][tatsu_text max_width= “” wrap_alignment= “center” animation_type= “fadeIn”]I am very happy to announce that I have had 6 of my images selected for publication in the book “Tornado Boys” which will be published in May this year. The book is a collection of annecdotes and stories from people associated with the aircraft over the last 40 years.


A book signing session will be carried out at the launch of the book at The Imperial War Museum Duxford on the 28/29th of May.[/tatsu_text][/tatsu_column][/tatsu_row][/tatsu_section]

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