So you are out and about travelling and visiting touristy type areas. You see a fantastic viewpoint for that have to have photo and you can’t get a clear shot because “tourists” (there is some hypocrisy here!) keep getting in the way.

The Answer is:

Take 3 or more photographs making sure that the tourists in the shot have moved to another area. Take your three images and open them as layers in PhotoShop. On each layer add a layer mask then select each layer mask in turn and using a black brush brush out the tourist in the way. Move to the next layer down and repeat for each layer you have. You will end up with an image with no tourists in it. See my example below:

First Image

Second Image

Third Image

Final digitally manipulated image

And there you have it the image you wanted with no tourists in the way! If the directions I have given you may as well have been in Korean then take 3 images and send them to me to fix for you!

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